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You can have all my stars. Congratulations sir, you were able to accurately portray every political debate that has happened in both Canada and the USA in the past 20 years. My hat is off for you. :)

See, I like how people don't get satire. It's like we're raising a generation of morons. Good job. I'm glad someone out there thinks this as well as myself. :P (Also, I like how random it is. Props to yah for that.)

Blordow responds:

I am glad you understand :)

Overall, it was a good flash, and in all honesty, better than anything I could do. However, there were times where I was getting feedback, and I don't know whether that's an issue with your mike or how your recording was done. But might want to look in on it. My only other qualm was that at times it seemed like their arms would stretch way beyond what they were supposed to be, so I would recommend that you keep on working at it to perfect what it would be like in real life. However, I loved the rest of the flash. His whole logical reasoning rings true with myself, as that's always what I end up telling my friends about their hype and such, and the voices were quite good. You've got good ability there. I would suggest trying to be a bit more clear or speaking a tad bit slower. But great flash. Keep at it, and i'm looking forward to seeing where you go from here. :)

BSTHEDOG responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I resorted to recording this with my Ipod so voice quality isn't perfect, but it's better than what I can do with my 4$ usb mic I have. Thanks for the nice review!

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I honestly can't remember how many times I've watched number 2 so far. My favorite by far. TerminalMontage is an excellent animator, and I look forward to watching all the other vids. :)

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Excellent! I love the style and how it plays throughout the song. Did you know that Ricepirate now uses you to open all of his flashes? ;)

Wow. That was absolutely amazing, it carried your distinct Waterflame sound, and matched the genre which you were trying to get so well. It's great work, and I'm still cheering for you. Hoping you make it to the next round. :)

Waterflame responds:

Aw thank you :D !! that means alot

Waterflame, I do not think you have ever dissapointed. This song is extremely epic, and I just love the way you blended everything together. Keep at it, and I hope you succeed in round 2 and make it to the next. :)

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Hey Terminal,
excellent. That's almost all I can say. But I will say more.
1) I had never heard of your webcomic before, so I went and read it and it brought me much joy, right up until the bittersweet end. Very well done.
2) I posted on your Facebuuk page (I mean, who uses that anyways? XD) that I would love to help you get the webseries up and running if you need help. Like seriously, you're one of the only artists I've ever wanted to support in any way I can. On top of that, you're an awesome guy. :D

TerminalMontage responds:

Hey thanks! Yeah, I don't check my facebook page too often, I go on from time to time. I might need help with backgrounds when I eventually do some Side Quests things, but we'll see.

Hey, I love it. The simplicity is fantastic and really gets the nostalgia in there. Excellent work, glad to see you`re improving. :D

KaDoYuu responds:

Thank you! :J

Hey, excellent picture. I love your style of drawing. I'm assuming this is the same as what you use for you animation? It looks nigh on identical. Just out of curiosity, would you recommend Guild Wars 2? I've never been a big fan of MMORPGs, and am wondering whether this one would be fun to get into.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks! Yes it is, I even draw all my regular pictures in Flash.

I can't really give you an unbiased answer cause I was excited for GW2 before I played it, and got more excited after the beta tests. But I did hate the first one, and every other MMO I've played, and for anyone that likes Action RPGs and adventure, on a budget (no monthly fees), I would recommend it :)

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